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Peachii Manifesto

Forget traditional insurance as you know it. Peachii ain't from the old school land of filing cabinets, fax machines and typewriters. We're here to crack open the insurance cage and unleash a brand new breed of badass protection that gets your heart racing faster than snagging Taylor Swift Eras tickets.

The way we see it, insurance is losing touch with the values of the next generation. A little heavy on the 78-page policies (that won't be read anyway) and a little light on the relevance and value for money.

Young guns like us crave more.
We want products that pump up our adrenaline, not put us to sleep.
We want branding that speaks our language, not some corporate suit's idea of "hip" and “fresh”.
We want prices that don't make us want to hurl our phones into the nearest acai smoothie bowl.

Because here's the thing: for us, stuff isn't just stuff.

It's the gear that fuels our adventures, the threads that tell our stories, the wheels that carry us to uncharted territories.
It's an extension of who we are, a badge of honour for the lives we choose to live and the values that guide us.
And that's why we crave partnering with brands that elevate us, not patronise us.
We want cult brands that we can shout about from the rooftops, brands that become part of our tribe.

That's where Peachii comes in.

We're not just slinging policies; by covering your item, we're joining your crew. Wherever you're living your damn best life.
We're with you on the mountain, or in the surf, dancing with you at the music festival, typing away at the co-working space and online waiting for that next limited edition drop.

We're making insurance convenient, relevant, affordable, and (dare we say?) kind of damn exciting.
Don't get us wrong, we get that insurance might give you the *ick*. But it can be pretty sexy when it's done right. It's the safety net that lets you chase your dreams without the fear of a nasty wipeout. It's the peace of mind that lets you sleep soundly knowing your prized possessions are safe and sound. And that's why we're putting you – the one with the great taste – first. We've done the research, asked the questions, and listened to your answers, so you can keep calm and shop on.

And because trust is like the key ingredient of any good relationship, we're making sure Peachii is a brand you can believe in. We're transparent, accountable, and always on your side.

We're the game-changer in the insurance industry, and we're saying "cya later" to confusing, fussy, ultra-fine print policies.

How do we plan to execute this mission? So glad you asked.

You add your beautiful, eligible items to your cart and check out as per usual. You click that perfectly peach-coloured button and activate us. Bam – you're protected including 7 days shipping cover.
For that extra assurance our paid policies start from only a few bucks a month (cheaper than a coffee these days) which can be added, once your trial policy finishes.

Ready to ditch the bubble wrap protecting your favourite items you already own?
Ready to commit to those purchases you've been 'umming and ahhing' about?
Join the Peachii revolution. We're waiting for you with open arms (and a killer insurance product to match).

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