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A new era of insurance.

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Peachii is all about transparent, affordable and flexible item-by-item insurance.

It's like old-school insurance but completely reimagined, from the perspective of the customer.

We simply asked ourselves – how can we make insurance affordable, simple and fun?

Turns out we weren’t the only ones who felt like protecting our Very Important StuffTM could do with a shake up. We don't want to toot our own horn (but we will). We are a game-changer in the insurance industry. Say "cya later" to confusing ultra fine print and experience honest, innovative and exciting policy.

Holy sh*t. Insurance 
I actually want?!

Yep. Thank god I’m here.

Protect your lifestyle pieces. Your ride or die favourites in your home/wardrobe/work kit – think jewellery, handbags, surf boards, tool kits, watches and anything that feels 'small' (in the insurance world) but means a lot.

Everyone knows you’re going to buy it for yourself anyways, you may as well enjoy peace of mind having it covered from the get-go.

“Covered from what exactly?”

Great question, internet friend.

“Covered from
what exactly?”

Great question, internet friend.

We’re ready and waiting for when you:

  • list-icon

    Lose it

    (jeez, that was an expensive Uber)

  • list-icon

    It’s stolen

    (cursing those thieves)

  • list-icon

    Totally f*cked it

    Aka 🆘 irreparable damages

Live your best life and never worry about those FML moments – we’ve got you. Wanna get all up in our grill on the nitty gritty detail of what’s covered and what’s not? Our PDS, TMD and FSG is right here for all the deets.

How does it work?

Peachii is easy to add to your online purchase

POV: You’re shopping online at your favourite store.

You go to checkout and there’s a shiny new button that says you can protect your item FOR FREE with insurance cover. That’s us.

Add your eligible item to cart + pay the retailer using your preferred method
Click to activate your free insurance + shipping cover. We’re embedded in the online shopping experience
Instant 100% protection with 7 days FREE shipping cover (covers your item on it’s way to you should it be lost/damaged/stolen)
Protection for your item for a few bucks a month 
(live, larf, luv knowing we’ve got your back)

Coming soon

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Easy to make claims


Click the claim button in the Peachii Portal



Complete a simple form to get started



Upload your information we need to process your claim



Our team will review and assess your claim ASAP



Successful claims are paid out fast via a voucher to the original retailer


Thought you would never be excited about insurance? Think again.

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Katherine Clayton

Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder
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Sophie Doyle

Chief Brand Officer
& Co-Founder

Let's talk bees-ness

We’re here to disrupt the insurance industry, not the earth, that’s where our business buddies Wheen Bee Foundation come in. A partnership based on a common goal to help combat this disastrous climate we’ve found ourselves in. Just like Peachii protects your assets and lifestyle items, the Wheen Bee Foundation protects our hard-working little bee friends.

Every time you insure an item with Peachii, you're helping the Wheen Bee Foundation carry out strategic bee research and education activities protecting our bees, our food security and our ecosystem. Protecting your goods while protecting the greater good? Now that’s a win-wheen scenario.

We get it. Insurance probably isn’t top of mind.

It might even give you the *ick*. But – hear us out.

We think insurance can be pretty sexy when done right.

Peachii is setting up camp to protect your fave items, starting with handbags, and making our way into stacks more categories of your favourite gear.

Peep who we’re partnering with over here.

We get it Insurance probably isn’t top of mind