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Insurance, but better.

Peachii is here to take over the insurance game one item at a time.

Transparent, affordable and flexible item by item insurance for your lifestyle assets and investment pieces.

It’s insurance for jewellery and watches that is simple and affordable with no tricky sh*t when it comes time to claim. #shutupandtakemymoney




Protect your most valuable items, at the click of a button. Say hello to your forever jewellery and favourite watches being covered.

Let's Do This

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You choose

Choose the piece you want to cover and get an instant quote here.



Lock it in

Instantly submit the form and you'll have your babies covered. When it's time to claim, click here to submit your claim and we'll get you sorted with a voucher to replace your item in no time. 

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Zen Time

You can live your life with a pep in your step, and simply give less f**ks about what life might throw your way, knowing Peachii’s get your back.

Peachii Platinum is a next level offering for items of most value to you. Not just insurance for the sake of it. More than just a standard contents policy, this product offers item-by-item insurance for your investment pieces – think watches and jewellery, purchased from wherever you love to shop.

Simply submit your details through the quote form. We’ll review it and flick you an instant quote, so you can rest easy knowing your babies are covered.

Peachii Platinum covers more than your everyday insurance. From your latest Garmin or Tiffany's necklace, we’ve got your jewellery and watches covered.

Alongside transparent, affordable and flexible everything. Peachii Platinum, is a community of legends, just like you, that know that ‘stuff’ is more than just ‘stuff’.

Get an instant quote

FML, Claims time

We'd like to start by sharing our condolences on the loss of your item.

Lost your sh*t (in more ways than one) and need to claim on your Peachii policy? Don't worry. This is where we know what's up, and what to do. You're in for a thrill.

Go forth and provide all the info you need to quickly and painlessly claim.