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Will you be a cool grandparent?

October 28 2022 By

There are very few times in this life that the Golden Girls don’t have the answers to our most pressing questions – and how to handle getting older is no exception. On the topic, Sophia Petrelli, the show’s 80-year-old matriarch and all-around legend offers these sage words “No matter how bad things get, remember these…

To Understand Crypto’s Crazy Growth, Look to the Mona Lisa… And Tulips!

October 28 2022 By

If you’d invested $10 in Bitcoin in July 2010, then left that investment undisturbed until 2022, you’d be sitting on on a pool of value to the tune of $42,952,93.88. That’s BIG growth for a commodity that can’t be eaten, can’t be drunk and, even despite it’s meteoric rise to prominence over the last decade,…