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Insurance, but better...
is coming soon!

Peachii is here to take over the insurance game one item at a time.

Transparent, affordable and flexible item by item insurance for your lifestyle assets and investment pieces.

It’s insurance that is simple and affordable with no tricky sh*t when it comes time to claim. #shutupandtakemymoney




Peachii Insurance is the new age of insurtech, leading the change in what items the next generation (you and me!) can insure. You can cover the stuff you love, one item at a time. Peachii takes the confusion, the fuss and the ultra-fine print out of traditional insurance, and replaces it with cover that’s honest, innovative and exciting (bet you’d never think you’d see exciting and insurance in the same sentence, huh?).

Peachii’s model is founded on the lifestyles and purchasing behaviours of a new generation. Soon, in just a few clicks, you will be able to add Peachii Insurance as part of the retail check-out experience.

Peachii exists because we all work hard for our stuff. However, we also know that sometimes life just happens. Be that your hard-working sports watch is irreparably damaged, or a rideshare car backseat decided to keep your fave earring… you deserve the ability to cover the things you love, and work hard to buy. Peachii - insurance, but better.

Meet the Founders


Katherine Clayton

Founder and CEO

Sophie Doyle

Founder and CMO